May the Force be With You

Pain. Great pain. Lots of tests;

Moving right leg;I am blessed!

Pain. Great pain. What’s wrong with me!?

Many specialists; nothing they see…

Could it be new drug Aubagio?

Lifting right foot; drug’s working,you know.

Pain. Great pain. Hair is falling out.

Buzz it all off!- I scream and I shout-

I just walked 1,000 plus feet!

Pain thinks that my mind it’ll defeat.

Last night I stood up and held my child.

I’ve never done that..It was so wild!

Laughter through tears. Pain- fuck you!

I’m done with tests. Jedi mind trickin’ you!

It just takes a bit of mind over matter.

Hair,pain, or happiness? I pick the latter.

I”ll teach you if you let me; it’s easy. Might I?

All of us have within us a Jedi!

When you feel bad;remember the good.

Smell the roses! As all of us should.

Pain. Great pain. I just don’t care!

I HELD MY CHILD-who gives a shit about hair?


dedicated to….  EVERYONE– THERE’S A JEDI IN YOU xoxoxo

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