Bad Bad Day

“I’m having a bad bad day. It’s about time that I get my way.”

Last night I fell and hit my head. It’s okay, I’m not dead.

I think I’m often right, but no one listens to a word I say.

If someone would care;I’d tell you instead.

“steam rollin’ whatever I see. Awwww; Despicable me.”

Today I’m crazed with anger. I wish I had a freeze ray.

I’d freeze the world; and then they’d see-

They should’ve listened. It’s no good to pray!

The world is ice.If it melts;that’s nice.

I’ll freeze it again. And again. Till someone will hear.

My freeze ray simply won’t suffice.

I’ll burn the world! If on fire;maybe my words will be clear…


“Don’t really know why, but I want to justify…

ripping someones head off! No human contact.”

And if you interact-freeze ray, or burn.

I’m kind enough to let you choose; please don’t abuse.

You’re lucky to get to pick. I have no luxury. My body is sick.

“Some say the world will end in fire; others say ice.”

Robert Frost was brilliant;his poem is a lie!

Pick desire, get fire. If you’re nice ice will suffice.

I wish I’d get fire or ice.I really truly try!

No one listens. Not even me. So I send this to NO ONE.

Have apple pie. Watch TV. Cuz no matter what I say…

You’ll take for granted that warmth melts ice from the sun.

So I continue to “have a bad bad day. So get the hell out of my way!”

Maybe if there was more kindness; I’d stay.

Maybe with some love I will continue to pray.

Until then;fire ice-just go away.

And leave me in my narcissistic bad bad day.


* quoted lines from- Universal’s Despicable Me. Limp Bizkit’s song- “Break stuff” & Robert Frost’s poem,”Fire and Ice.”


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