Red Queen

There once was a red queen who said, 

Off with their ,off with their ,Off With Their Head!

Her.people revolted and yes, instead

They cried;  off with her ,off with her, off with her head!

They  chopped off her head and it bled  a deep red.

There once was a black king who tried to erase;

Using genocide  violence ,Terror ,an entire race

The people revolted,and ran to his place for his face

Like a coward he took a pill to disappear Without a Trace

There once was a red King who built a wall

Separating family ,and friends ,and culture and all

The people revolted and the wall it did fall

And so did the Red King no word of him at all

There once was a man who represented red white and blue

He thought Building a Wall was a good idea too. 

Like the black king he separated races through and through

The people revolted and cried; if only we knew!

What Becomes of him and this story is up to you

Peace and love Laurelin