Let’s just be friends

Every great relationship comes to an end.

Usually it ends with the words you should just be my friend.

You lie and tell yourself this is true but sex always gets in the way.

We will still be friends. You lie. You try to believe the words that you say.

Just say the truth that we are over and done.

It was nice while it lasted. And it truly was fun.

Once you have sex you are already at the end.

Trust me an ex can never be your friend.

Even now you lie and say I have lots of friends when the relationship is through.

You never stop thinking about them naked! Come on this simply isn’t true.

Admit to yourself in the beginning it is over and done.

You will never be friends. Let the idea set with the Sun.

It just means you were on to bigger and brighter things.

Life is funny. You never know what your life brings.

Live in the now. Do not live in the past.

As Frost . Once said . Nothing Gold Can last.

Peace and love Laurelin