Politics vs. M.S.

. I want to care. I want to share.

My opinions, of the world’s affairs.

It’s not that I won’t, it’s just that I don’t;

Value the bullshit. Don’t have time for it.

However it’s written, Trump or Clinton;

Votes will be stolen. trust me; the world will keep Rollin.

I just hope he doesn’t build that wall, you know?

I will be stuck down  in Mexico. 

Hope my girl wins; like I said though; don’t care.

I will be focused on puking and losing my hair.

A new life awaits-temperature sensitivity free!

Bladder control, maybe walking, a life of simplicity.

If value of our dollar drops, and The Economist go ‘duh’…

Cold won’bother me no mo’ and I’ll move to Canada!