Positivity does the body good

I just found out today

 things are really going my way

500 is my white blood cell count

And for multiple sclerosis that’s a great amount

That means my immune system is almost gone

And so is multiple sclerosis nothing could be wrong

Others aren’t as lucky as me

I know this isn’t fair you see

I can’t help but chalk it up to my positivity

Others with healthy attitudes will soon be m.s. free 

I’ve always had faith in humanity

Finally something is going right for me

 I’m not trying to brag, that is not me you know

Let’s face it Humanity though,

You don’t have to put all your ducks in a row

Just love each duck and yourself and it will show

A good attitude really goes a long way

 keep your heads up is all I will say

Be kind to each other and bask in every sun ray

Carpe Diem and love just for today

Peace and love Laurelin 

Yes and I’m kicking multiple sclerosis ‘ ass !