Hope faith & charity 

Going on a journey to Mexico 
A new life I hope but I don’t know

 Going  to  get  a little chemotherapy, stem cells, quarantine; then a new  eimmune system I will grow.

I hope I get there with spirit not low,

You see I don’t leave my house and that’s a long plane ride.

Hope my potty symptoms will subside.

I have  serious issues  down there

I basically leak from everywhere.

I’m used to it as long as people don’t stare

I hope it will stop and I will no longer care

It’s embarrassing but I know this treatment will  end  my woes

I have faith stronger than anyone knows

It’s not just faith in God but faith in me. 

I’m stronger and tougher than any doctor will be

Faith Got me this far and now you see

I just need a little love hope and charity

It’s almost like a Holy Trinity

Nothing can exist without all three

I now things will be better and won’t be the same

There’s a reason my daughter, Faith ;Got.her name

The answer is clear no doubt to remain

My life I will get back. The circle will sustain

And the joy of simple things in life I will Proclaim