Fly on the wall

When you live in an Italian restaurant you here lots of things

A proposal or two even sometimes a secret people brings

The restaurant had been in the family for many year

Through ups and downs. And many joys and many tears

I have seen it all and I have heard it all

I have seen regulars, and Rich Men Who fell the stock market Fall

I have watched children grow up and people grow old

If only you knew of the things they have told!

I love my job. If you stare at me I will not hesitate

To stare at you back. Even if my beauty you rate

I got used to it. But if only you knew the things that I know.

I always hear something. Even when business is slow

Last winter it was brutal. It was snowy and cold

A old rich man liked me. And with his money I was sold

Now life is quite dull. Not many visitors here. By the way I think of the Tails I know and they are quite tall

If only you knew what I know! A Monet. A beautiful fly on the wall