I have an itch. its on my back I cannot reach, will you scratch it?

    Here is the lesson I teach there is a tree go up and down,where it itches,  and it will take care of it.

    I am hungry. I want a fish. How do I get one? Will you get one for me?
    No. The river is right there ,and I will teach you how to catch fish. Then you will have your own you see.

    I am tired. I need somewhere to sleep. Can I sleep with you?

    No. But there is shelter on the east side of the mountain. The sun sets in the west, and rises in the east ,you will find it for sure this is true.

    Is there all the knowledge you have this year?

    It is my cub ,now go and take care.

    This has been the beginning of a life of a bear.

    I have an itch. I am hungry and I am cold

    We will take care of you. These older people told. 

    I need money. A car. And a new cell phone.

    Get a part-time job or do chores and make money on your own.

    I hate you! I’m never talking to you again!

    Yes you will. And one day you will be my friend 

    Peace and love Laurelin