Doormat. ☆`

If I was a doormat I want to live at the Taj Mahol

I bet I would have Gold yarn.. Be magical. Fly and all.

 If I was a doormat at the White House today

I would wish to everyone. Stepic on me only if you have something humanitarion to say.

If I was a doormat at my front door

I’d be dirty and unkempt, and lying on the floor

If I was a doormat at Doc concrescence I would be clean

For the people there take pride in their business and I hold that in high esteem

If I was a doormat in Syria I’d be split in half

By a bomb. While some fundamentalist laughted

If I was the doormat at the Queen of England’s home

For hundreds and hundreds of years great people did Roam.

I am a doormat. And you walk all over me.

I am complacent. No matter what you say I agree.

I am a doormat that wants to stand.

For right now you must lend a hand.

I realize now I’m not a doormat at all.

I happen to be a fly on the wall.

Peace and love Laurelin