How I get by

$o normal day. Most would say.
Take meds drink a huge cup of water.

Think about trying to get through another day.

Brush my teeth but why even bother.

Meds have destroyed my teeth the dentist says

Morning my daughter constantly calling for her father.

I would try to help him but I have trouble getting out of bed.
Read a book watch TV lift some weights

Daughter will be home soon and we will play

Hear how boring school is and how much she hates.

But it’s the only alone time I get with her and it’s the best part of my day.

My poor tired husband comes home and must cook dinner.

My daughter tests his limits and usually gets her way

Meal is served thanks to my hubby cuz I can’t get any thinner

Hubby does bedtime put my daughter to bed.

I can’t wait for stem cells because then I can help!

My husband gets a few hours he’s amazing I should have said.

Look at the time and I can’t help but yelp 

Time for meds help sundowning need to lie down

For hobby need some rest and needs to go to bed

Turn off TV said prayers and kind of frown. 

And tomorrow it starts all over again.

This is an OCD day my friend

Get up take meds all at the same time

If I screw up do again and Rewind

Go potty for exactly two hours thick

Must read but only post apocalyptic

Turn  news on at noon at must be an even number

All that night I will be paranoid and get no slumber

Daughter is home it’s time to have fun

She lies down shoes  there order it must be done

Hubby comes home exhausted and he must make food.

Different foods can’t touch I go crazy and I sound so rude!

Commercials are on.. we must turn them off station

. I know we missed the show but I can’t stand propagation.

 I have an itch in my left hand so must also itch the right

Everything must be symmetrical or my brain puts up a fight

I hate odd numbers bad juju if someone says 3 I say 4 in my head

Days almost over now time for my prayer.

I must say the right way every time or someone outside maybe a Slayer

End of a normal day for me.

That’s life with OCD.