Not sorry but God bless

My last poem I wrote was truth to my past and my being. However it was also an experiment to see if my ex-boyfriend was as important in the DNC as I suspected. I did not post the poem to social media and sure enough my stats went sky-high. He is obviously a politician. God bless you Christopher I am sure you will make a good one. I do not apologize for using your name to raise my stats on my poetry site. For you have tried to act like myself and our friends did not exist. We did exist. We do exist. We are registered voters. We will not tag you in another post. Unless you run for office. Then of course you are fair game.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻

The three words that start with the letter

This is not only a poetic journey into my past and present. It is also an experiment to see if what I think is correct. I have written a few poems about my ex boyfriend of 5 years from high school that was very important as a milestone in my life I am going to tag him. Usually when I do my stats go up high. I believe it is because he belongs to the DNC and probably is running for office. Let us go on a poetic journey to see if I am correct mr. James Christopher Rieth all we are so dated in college. But he is made sure to delete his name from ever existing or living with me. If there’s one thing I cannot stand it’s when people deny my existence.

James Christopher rieth FUCK YOU you are a sham of a Democrat. 1st ammendment bitch

Okay now you look and you listen for a minute. I tried being nice. I ,last time I contacted you ,was with severe kindness and total humanitarian truth. You have all the same sins I do. You may be approaching 40 like me but that doesn’t mean you forgot who you were 20 years ago. Do you forget where you were 20 years ago on July 3rd 1997? I certainly do. You cannot run away anymore from Who You Are. You are starting to piss me off and you don’t want to make an enemy out of me. I know you keep blocking me from every account that tries to contact you but you cannot stop the First Amendment. You cannot control my blog and I’ll say your name till I’m blue in the fucking face Chris rieth. I thought you were a good person. I thought we were on the same political side. I see now that your agenda is all about you and material possessions and the fancy places you visit. You are no better than anyone else on this planet. Do you get that? I’m going to show another picture of us too. You can’t make me not exist. I am sick of it. You think I did you wrong. You did me wrong! You did me wrong in so many ways! You may have the world fooled but you don’t have me fooled. You are still the same old narcissistic SOB that you were when you were 17. Do you know think that if you were in dire straights I not help you? Because I would. And I still would. Because we shared five years of something. You may think it was something bad you may think it was something good but it was something. And I am so sick and tired of you denying its existence. Have fun on your little vacations around the world. Do you remember what happened between us exactly 20 years ago? You can tell I’m still a little angry about it and I never got power, an apology, and I’m sorry that I talk so much shit about you when you were doing worse shit than I was doing? Or how about that the whole reason you got addicted to that was because I’m the one that had you try it.Bullshit. other way around. That’s right I’m getting angry and the truth is going to start to come out if you don’t respond to me in some way and apologize. You fucked up my life Christopher. I have a wonderful life now with a wonderful husband but the 10 years that I spent after 1997 I hold me 50% to blame and I hold you 50% to blame and if you don’t know why then you are a complete moron and you don’t belong to be in politics. Stop being something you are not. The truth is out there. You know my love of X-Files. And the truth is not only out there the truth is going to come out if you don’t stop denying my existence. I don’t hate you. I don’t hate anyone. I don’t believe in hate. I don’t understand why you hate me. That only shows what kind of human being you are. No I think I will Grace everyone with another picture of you that I don’t know how I have because you don’t know who I am right? Fuck you Christopher. look who is that in Canada

Ignore me.. you ignore disabled America

You were in  Missouri 20 years ago. You were pretending you were a good Catholic and if you could just forget about what was going on with me it was okay. Where was I?  Do you remember? Should I remind you?  You can keep blocking me  you can keep ignoring me. You can pretend your past doesn’t exist but I will show the world your past exist if you don’t at least  message me back and I hear you, and I am sorry. Or I hear you ,and I am not sorry. Or anything  ,email me ,message me here, you can’t message any of my Facebook accounts cuz he keeps blocking them all ,well ,I think the world should know who you really are before they invest anything in you politically so I am showing the world who you are here he is mr. America  vote away. Just remember what a good job you did voting for number 45 .  Yes ,you’re extremely pissed off at me right now and there’s nothing you can do about it because of the First Amendment.  But you cannot ignore me in your past anymore. I am sick of people like you being in Washington and thinking that your shit doesn’t smell. 

 this is me very overweight because I just got very high dose steroids From my very first attack when I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis look who’s sitting right next to me it must be some invisible force that does not exist oh yeah, it’s Chris.

Peace and love to all of my American people even including you asshole  laurelin.

He used to be a good person that’s the sad thing. I don’t know if he’s a good person anymore ,but I don’t think so.  Be careful who you trust,, be careful who you know. And most importantly be careful who you vote for. God Bless America .  And everyone reading this.  All I have ever done is spoken the truth.  And sometimes the truth hurts. But like Fox Mulder says the truth is out there and unfortunately the truth is in Washington .  And unfortunately number 45 is in Washington.  Let’s not letting any more people who pretend to be something they are not 


The immigration band that is absolutely dividing our nation and going against the Constitution. Here is an interesting fact for everyone… absolutely no terrorist or person has been convicted of a crime against to the United States of America. Song we are fighting terrorism by Banning Islamic immigrants into our country 101 from their countries have ever hurt anyone of us. Does anyone else think this is batshit crazy? We must find a way to  Impeach this man. The riots and the protest and the insanity will continue if this man is not put to a stop. Insanity is doing the same thing oveand over again and expecting different results. This is the progress that our president has shown Us in his very few weeks in office, is it not insane for us to not think he won’t continue? For years Americans have known that the only fake news on television comes from Fox network. Why has any American change their mind? Is this not insanity? Thinking that this time ,this network is going to report truthful news because mr. Trump says so. Insanity! Insanity I tell you! He needs to be impeached and the basic fact that he goes against the constitution in almost everything he decides to do. I love my country. I love the Constitution. I take a Pluribus Unum out of many one very seriously. When will this Insanity end? Rome did not fall in the day but it did fall. Babylon also fell. I am truly afraid for today, with this Insanity you are about to witness the downfall of the United States of America.

Maybe I should start tweeting one sentence answers to the problems I am faced with as president. Everyone knows that our presidents in the past used social media to speak to the public. #insanity
Peace and love Laurelin 

Ivory Tower

He sits upon his Ivory Tower

Looking down below and laughing at us by the hour

His numbers don’t match he doesn’t play fair

Russia is happy and certainly does not care

We had the wrong person in control of our land

The sad thing is even his party understands

We are so polarized that we are not taking into account

His opponents numbers prime proudly amount

2 Millions more than he would have gotten

If Russia had not hacked emails and become totally rotten

It’s time for us to cry and Shout

Impeach this man without a doubt.

We need to fight back that’s what America is about

This is a democracy we need to shout

We have let a communist land control our leader

He is no leader but a bottom feeder

Republican Democrats socialists we must Unite

We have to put up a fight

Exxon oil is his man

Fossil fuels are running out do you understand?

I don’t care what party you belong to

Be an American and see this through

This is not right he is going to return us to Russia

Do you want to spend $100 on a loaf of bread like Prussia?

Stop thinking party lines and think this through

He is going to hurt me he is going to hurt you

America please we must Unite

For the sake of our forefathers put up a fight

You all know that this simply is not right

This election was totally rigged alright

I bet you America whatever party you are

See the truth and bring this country back to what we are

The world sees us as a joke and they are most likely right

I say it again put up a fight

Make America be great again

It starts with me and you my friend

So Russia to emails it’s insane

Show me your fake taxes I do complain

It’s time to show what America is about

Tear down the Ivory Tower and scream and shout

We won’t put up with this shit we won’t and we don’t have to

We are the proud red white and blue

So sit up on your gold Ivory Tower

Your time is up soon I’ll give it a few hours

Please America don’t think party lines

This man is a criminal and it is his end of times

God Bless America and God bless you

You all know that what I say is true

We know you won Miss Hillary Clinton

We will suck the poison of the snake bite that you have been bitten

That’s it that’s all I have to say

It’s time for that snake for us to slay

God Bless America and get out of our way

No Ivory Tower will stop us today

Bless you are a republican Democrat socialist liberal

His Venom is a ploy it’s a tiny dribble

Remember why our forefathers came here

To be ruled by the people not Russia that is clear

Peace and love Laurelin