The immigration band that is absolutely dividing our nation and going against the Constitution. Here is an interesting fact for everyone… absolutely no terrorist or person has been convicted of a crime against to the United States of America. Song we are fighting terrorism by Banning Islamic immigrants into our country 101 from their countries have ever hurt anyone of us. Does anyone else think this is batshit crazy? We must find a way to  Impeach this man. The riots and the protest and the insanity will continue if this man is not put to a stop. Insanity is doing the same thing oveand over again and expecting different results. This is the progress that our president has shown Us in his very few weeks in office, is it not insane for us to not think he won’t continue? For years Americans have known that the only fake news on television comes from Fox network. Why has any American change their mind? Is this not insanity? Thinking that this time ,this network is going to report truthful news because mr. Trump says so. Insanity! Insanity I tell you! He needs to be impeached and the basic fact that he goes against the constitution in almost everything he decides to do. I love my country. I love the Constitution. I take a Pluribus Unum out of many one very seriously. When will this Insanity end? Rome did not fall in the day but it did fall. Babylon also fell. I am truly afraid for today, with this Insanity you are about to witness the downfall of the United States of America.

Maybe I should start tweeting one sentence answers to the problems I am faced with as president. Everyone knows that our presidents in the past used social media to speak to the public. #insanity
Peace and love Laurelin 

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