Ivory Tower

He sits upon his Ivory Tower

Looking down below and laughing at us by the hour

His numbers don’t match he doesn’t play fair

Russia is happy and certainly does not care

We had the wrong person in control of our land

The sad thing is even his party understands

We are so polarized that we are not taking into account

His opponents numbers prime proudly amount

2 Millions more than he would have gotten

If Russia had not hacked emails and become totally rotten

It’s time for us to cry and Shout

Impeach this man without a doubt.

We need to fight back that’s what America is about

This is a democracy we need to shout

We have let a communist land control our leader

He is no leader but a bottom feeder

Republican Democrats socialists we must Unite

We have to put up a fight

Exxon oil is his man

Fossil fuels are running out do you understand?

I don’t care what party you belong to

Be an American and see this through

This is not right he is going to return us to Russia

Do you want to spend $100 on a loaf of bread like Prussia?

Stop thinking party lines and think this through

He is going to hurt me he is going to hurt you

America please we must Unite

For the sake of our forefathers put up a fight

You all know that this simply is not right

This election was totally rigged alright

I bet you America whatever party you are

See the truth and bring this country back to what we are

The world sees us as a joke and they are most likely right

I say it again put up a fight

Make America be great again

It starts with me and you my friend

So Russia to emails it’s insane

Show me your fake taxes I do complain

It’s time to show what America is about

Tear down the Ivory Tower and scream and shout

We won’t put up with this shit we won’t and we don’t have to

We are the proud red white and blue

So sit up on your gold Ivory Tower

Your time is up soon I’ll give it a few hours

Please America don’t think party lines

This man is a criminal and it is his end of times

God Bless America and God bless you

You all know that what I say is true

We know you won Miss Hillary Clinton

We will suck the poison of the snake bite that you have been bitten

That’s it that’s all I have to say

It’s time for that snake for us to slay

God Bless America and get out of our way

No Ivory Tower will stop us today

Bless you are a republican Democrat socialist liberal

His Venom is a ploy it’s a tiny dribble

Remember why our forefathers came here

To be ruled by the people not Russia that is clear

Peace and love Laurelin 

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