8 months post stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis.

As you all know, I am a terrible blogger. My site is used for poetry and for literature I write. But once in a while ,there are times when all I can do is just speak so I should just write a blog. I just wanted to give you all a little check up on my stem cells. I have not seen too much success yet. I do have more strength. I can stand up now straight. But I cannot walk with a cane yet, because my balance is so bad. Your balance is inside your inner ear and unfortunately ,stem cells cannot correct that. I just have to wait for new neural Pathways to be created by my body. Which will happen, I just do not know when. As far as temperature goes, I have adapted to extreme heat and extreme cold ,do not affect me anymore! Also my bowls, and my bladder almost always work on their own. I am hosting a new life party for myself. Once in awhile it’s okay to be narcissistic. And it’s okay to celebrate life even when it’s not quite as good as you want it to be. So if any of you will be in the Binghamton area please look up the event Beautiful Dreamer and Facebook it is a public event and I’d love to see any of my followers or fellow poets there. Unfortunately most of you live in other countries so I don’t think it’ll happen but I am offering the invitation. I’m also still always sick as I grow more antibodies for my new immune system. Once I have enough antibodies my multiple sclerosis symptoms will go away much quicker. So the good news is stem cells are working. The bad news is I have to be patient. I dislike that virtue very much. I want what I want and I want it now! But I just sat around for 6 years and done nothing so I think I can wait a few more for stencils to have its full effect. The good news is it is working. It’s taking its sweet time but it is working. That is all that really matters. No matter who you are or where you are if you are reading this remember to celebrate your life. No matter what path life has taken you down celebrate it anyways. Because you could be a rock. You could be a tadpole. But you belong to the human race. And it is a race I am not going to lose it.

Peace and love Laurelin

The United States of America is now the joke of the world. I cannot stand by anymore and not be political. First blog in months. Humanity we must come together and go against the number 45


My first blog in months. I do not write blogs anymore I only write poetry and short stories. But I cannot stand by anymore and watch our nation be made a mockery by Every Other Nation period we must protect the environment. We must protest against number 45. We need to join together as bloggers. Let’s start our own petition. If you agree came at your name and that will be your legal electronic signature on my protest against us not being in the Paris climate change group Every Other Nation belongs to. Latest put a stop to it now. Please reshare this blog. Your voice Motors. Let us make us stand please write your name in the comment to this post. That is your petition against number 45 and his belief in not believing science. Let’s come together. Right now period as John Lennon said. Please share so we can get as many signatures as possible. Again just type your name in my comment listed on this blog. Thank you for believing in humanity and trying to save it.

Peace and love Laurelin