When you are in a committed relationship with another person you tell yourself you are equal. This is absolutely never true. One of you is always better looking. One of you is always a little smarter. One of you is more desirable to the opposite sex. One of you makes more money than the other. One of you is always older than the other. But you tell yourself you are equal. Equality is a luxury that we cannot afford anymore. We are living the LIE. We are living the lie because it is easier then  admitting the truth. No one wants to admit that they are less smart than their partner. No one wants to admit that they’re not as good looking as their partner. If you stay home and do not make money you tell yourself that your value is the same as your partner. But ask yourself who is the one that files taxes? And who is the one who actually ends up with all of the tax money? Even if you split it directly and 1/2 you each spend the money in different ways. One of you might be wise and save it. One of you might blow it all at the racetrack. Either way you are not equal. It is easier in life to live the lie then admit the truth. Humanity as a whole has always struggled with this. Even more so we struggle with who is right and who is wrong. We like to always think we are in the right. We like to think that we had admit we are wrong when we are. But the truth is none of us are ever as honest as we think we are. You will never be equal. Even if you are equal in the fact that you can both vote only one of you are going to win. Unless you both vote the same way then you are either winners or losers. Or you lied to your mate about who you were going to vote for. The question now becomes which one are you? Do you think you are the smarter one? Do you think you have the looks? Do you think you have what it takes to make it on your own? No matter what your answer is it just proves my point further. That we are never equal. Even in a utopian society there can never be equality. I’m sure that is why there has never been a utopian society. It was doomed to fail before it began. Perhaps it is time to stop seeing ourselves as equal. Not to put one above the other. But instead to just view ourselves as individuals. They say once you get married that you are one. But you never really can take away that individuality. And perhaps we should not. Perhaps we should simply be happy with the one. Instead of striving for equality just admit that there is none but the one. This way you are never less then. You are never better than. You are simply individual. And it is this individuality that makes you so unique and awesome. Stop striving for equality and strive to be the best one you can be. 4 then the two can become the best two they can be. But it starts with not living the LIE. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with your mate. Be honest with everyone. Even as I write this I know I will not let go of that lie. I do not think any of us really can without being a saint. I think it is the LIE which makes the to work. I think sometimes honesty might just be overrated. Yes we should be honest with each other. But it is a fine line that we walk on. It is a line that can easily break or be corrupted. So in all honesty I think I will continue to live the LIE. The lie keeps me safe. The LIE keeps me comfortable. I am afraid of what the truth might tell me. I might just be less than in all aspects. If I am there is one thing at least I know that I am sure of. I am 6 months younger than my husband. And I will always be the youngest. So at least I win on one account.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻

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