The United States of America is now the joke of the world. I cannot stand by anymore and not be political. First blog in months. Humanity we must come together and go against the number 45

My first blog in months. I do not write blogs anymore I only write poetry and short stories. But I cannot stand by anymore and watch our nation be made a mockery by Every Other Nation period we must protect the environment. We must protest against number 45. We need to join together as bloggers. Let’s start our own petition. If you agree came at your name and that will be your legal electronic signature on my protest against us not being in the Paris climate change group Every Other Nation belongs to. Latest put a stop to it now. Please reshare this blog. Your voice Motors. Let us make us stand please write your name in the comment to this post. That is your petition against number 45 and his belief in not believing science. Let’s come together. Right now period as John Lennon said. Please share so we can get as many signatures as possible. Again just type your name in my comment listed on this blog. Thank you for believing in humanity and trying to save it.

Peace and love Laurelin

The three questions

There are three questions in life that everyone has asked themselves throughout their life. If not once, many more times then that.

1. Is there a God? The answer of course is different for everyone. Yes I believe in a higher power. I choose to refer to this higher power as God. But I view  God and nature as the same thing. Some people are agnostic. Say neither deny or believe in a higher power. Some people are atheist. They do not believe there is a God at all. It is interesting that there has been a scientific study in which where they had people think about God and the people that believed in God ,activated a part of the frontal lobe that otherwise is never activated. The agnostics activated it a little bit but not as much as the Believers. Atheist ,when their brain was studied thinking about God, the frontal lobe did not activate at all. I find this very interesting. However, when it comes down to it all I care is if you’re a good person or a bad person. Isn’t that what matters?

2. The second question is how we got here and why we are here? This of course involves creationism. Were we created by a higher power? Where we created by Nature? Personally for me, I see no difference in God or nature, so I believe in evolution and that God created Evolution. however, if you believe it’s just a coincidence we are here and the Big Bang is nothing more than a coincidence then that is ok to. All that matters is that you are a good person or a bad person. Isn’t that all that matters? And as far as why we are here. No one knows. Perhaps we are here just out of a coincidence. Perhaps we are here to learn something and come back in another life to learn again. Perhaps we are here to better the world. Perhaps we are to be evil and , perhaps we are here to make Humanity better. Either way, isn’t all that matters whether you’re a good or a bad person?

3. Question 3. What happens to us after we die. Some of us believe we go to heaven. Some of us believe we are energy. and we will return our energy into something else that will grow from the soil from our ashes as we decay. Whatever you believe, isn’t all that matters that you’re either a good person or a bad person in this life?

My point being that it doesn’t matter. We will always be thinking of these three questions. That is what makes us human. Our curiosity. And it is also our curiosity that has made us so great. It is the evil in the world that we have to watch out for. That we have to protect each other from. All of the other $0.09 of these three questions don’t matter in life. So stop worrying about them so much. What matters in life is to pass it on. To help each other. To remember we are all sisters and brothers. Humanity does not have a color. Humanity does not have a religion. Be kind to each other and learn to live in peace and harmony. No matter what someone believes, remember they are part of your Human family. Stop worrying about these three questions. We will all get the answer soon enough; when we are ashes to ashes, dust to Stardust.

Peace and love Laurelin 

Dividing people from people never works

Beautiful Puebla  Mexico. 

The president is still trying to Build That Wall. Using our money and expecting it to come out of Mexico.. everyone knows this will not work. We are not only neighbors but we are friends. Texas and California used to be part of Mexico. Showing the influence we have on each other. The President also wants to make tequila and Corona more expensive by 20%. Also taking this a out of the Debt job Mexico owes us. Have you noticed seeing commercials for corn grown in America? You never used to see these commercials. Mexico gets 90% of its corn from America. Do you know how much that would mess with our economy to me if they no longer got corn fromus?. Why is he focusing so much on a debt from not only our neighbors but let’s face it,  dark-skinned people. Are you aware of how much money America as other countries? If we were forced to pay them all off we would be absolutely broke. What I found even other was the immigration ban. Not only unconstitutional but specifically singeling out Muslims. Again dark skinned people. Not that I’m trying to makze a point of this or anything. Do you know all the countries that banned from entrance? And not a single American has been killed from anyone from any of those countries. But we are fighting terrorism? Have you noticed Canada has made stricter entrances and work visas for Americans? If I was Canada I would just want us to stay where we are too. I’m not even so sure our president wants to be the president. I think he’s realizing it’s the hardest job in the world and probably doesn’t want to do it. He just wanted to be able to say I was the 45th president of the United States. I will say his wife whom I have never liked is doing a better job than her husband. She is out there with the people and with the children and doing what you’d expect from a first lady. So even though you can be surprised once in awhile. Back to the dark skinned people and the Muslims. I hate to compare him to this man because I don’t even like to say his name. But has this not already happened in the past? Instead of Muslims someone tried to keep out the Jews? At least my daughter has blonde hair and blue eyes. I however might get sent back to the Ukraine. The United States of America is the only country in the world that does not recognize global warming. There’s an international committee on it and we don’t belong to it. There’s another dark skin people in our country. Hundreds of years ago we slaughtered them and did Terrible Things to them so we gave them a few pieces of land that are basically desert land. We said this is your land. We will not interfere with it. Now the pipeline that’s an environmental hazard and is against the Native Americans wishes is going through their land. What is wrong with my federal government? Even most of them don’t support the president ,so what are they doing something about it? We need to do more than not come into work or for a vote we need to do more than be on the same party and disagree with him and that’s about it. We need to do more than federal employees and quit our jobs because we don’t agree with him. We need to be out there like Bernie Sanders! I am constantly watching the Unicorn riots live and I think that those protesters are doing an amazing thing. One more thing. The President says that Healthcare is a really hard thing to do. And he didn’t know how difficult it would be to clean up the mess we are in. Why don’t we work more on improving Obamacare? Why do we have to change everything the last president did?. I just don’t understand. And all I can do is write about it because I’m still quarantine in in the wheelchair. All I can do is speak out here and help someone is listening. And I hope that maybe just maybe I’ve changed your mind if you’re on the president’s side. America always over 1.2 trillion dollars to China and Japan. America 348 million dollars to Belgium and other European nations. Why are we picking on our neighbor?

Peace and love Laurelin