I know that my poetry pisses some people off.

It’s only when I’m angry. Frustrated. Anxious. That I get cross.

I always truly mean the things that I say.

Even if I might go about it the wrong way.

No ,I am sorry I never feel shame.

I know why sometimes call you out by name.

This is the only when I truly feel you have done me wrong.

So I shout out your name. And I sing my own song.

Then I feel guilty. For I truly don’t mean to hurt any of you.

Even when the things that I say are true.

Like many people, I am truly hurt by things in my past.

But when I speak it out loud I can let go

 Of all of the all the things that I know you know

 you want them kept secret. I cannot. This is my way to let go.

I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. You hurt mine too. And this is the way that I show.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻

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