I am a poet and short story writer. I suck at blogging


 WordPress has made me realize there are some wonderful bloggers out there. They express themselves so beautifully and full heartedly. And I follow many of you. But over the course of the last 4 years I’ve realized that I am truly a poet and I am truly a Sci-Fi short story writer. when I look back at my blogs my poems and short stories are wonderful and they get really good feedback. But my actual blogs where I just talk about my opinions really kind of suck. I am the first to admit this. I am not good at expressing myself through words without rhyme. Rhythm and rhyme all the time that’s what I say. And if I didn’t have multiple sclerosis I would probably be a battle rapper and a poet. I am writing a memoir and submitting some short stories to Syfy magazines however the only actual blogs I will write our about a multiple sclerosis and stem cells. I probably won’t have many blogs on them as I have to wait a year or two before I see any success. I love reading all of your blogs and I love how all of you can express yourself just by writing your words. But I have come to learn that I cannot. I need my rhythm and my rhyme all the time. It’s not crime. I am just better at rhyme

Peace and love Laurelin 

Me getting stem cells

Three weeks before I lost my hair

 Me looking hot hey why not?

I want to believe. And I do. Read my short stories.

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