I’m a poet and short story writer, but I suck at blogging!

I painted this picture right before I lost the use of my hands. I am a true artist. I miss painting. I love to write poetry and I love to write short stories and I am writing a memoir now. But let’s face it all my blocks suck. I know my poetry is good. Because you tell me so. I know my short stories are good. Because you tell me so. I know my blogs aren’t great. Because you don’t say anything at all. I have looked back through my blogs and the only good ones are poems and short stories which are on my official site. When I blog about government and humanitarian things that I love I don’t think I express myself very well. My expression comes out batter through my poetry. And my Syfy short stories are very interesting. But when I just write a blog about how much I don’t like Donald Trump it’s not that interesting. I am the first one to admit this. So I am going to stick with what I have known best since I was 11 years old. Short stories and poetry. I’m just simply not as good at you as you guys at expressing myself through words rather than poetry. So this will be my official last blog that is not a short story or a poem. I am also going to try to fix up my blog so that it shows that more. Thank you all so much for reading my stuff and thank you for making me realize that I’m a much better poet than I am a blogger. I am of course still a blogger I am just a poet short story blogger. Some of you I follow write amazing blogs that I could never write. So I will stick to what I know best. And what you have shown me I do best. Rhythm and rhyme. All the time. Thank you all for teaching me who I really am. I think I knew it all along I just needed to hear it from all of you. Or shall I say lack of hearing on my blogs. =) I will keep you up-to-date on my stem cells but I don’t have anything up today until I wait a year or two it takes a long time to grow and immune system. Those will be my only official blogs.

  That is me getting my chemotherapy

This is me looking very poetic

This is me in the ocean with my darling daughter

This is me looking hot cuz I am

This is me realizing I have always meant to be a poet and short story writer

This is a new day so let’s all make the best of it. I believe my poem today will be about all of you. Joining WordPress has made me find myself. And I’m starting to like who I am.

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