Texts and blogs!

the problem with blogs and texts. They have no personality and I miss the phone. When you’re on the phone with someone, they notice when you’re pissed off. Because your voice really says so, you speak very quickly and with an angry tone. Say into a phone I am so pissed off at this girl she drives me crazy! You know darn well that I’m mad at someone and they drive me crazy. Now let’s put it in a text- I am so pissed off at this girl and she drives me crazy! How do you really know I’m pissed off? There’s no inflection in my voice it is simply a text. Maybe I’m just annoyed with her it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m pissed off. I can say on the phone I struggle so much with my disease of multiple sclerosis! Now let’s say I’m on the phone and I am crying I think you’ll be pretty sure I’m having a bad multiple sclerosis day. Now let’s put it in the blog- I am struggling so much with my disease of multiple sclerosis! My blog is very often about multiple sclerosis so you don’t really know how bad my day is other than I’m having another day with multiple sclerosis. My friends do still call me on the phone. But we are a dying generation. I think it is much easier to get my point across in a poem than blog or a text. We today live in a world where child can write an English essay and write LOL and this is acceptable. I know the world is changing but there are some things that should not change. Cursive handwriting for example is another. There’s nothing like a personal signature it’s personalized like our fingerprint. And when we take it away we can forge anyone’s signature. I’m not saying I don’t love the modern world. I’m just saying I think we could have invested our time and a lot more humanitarian things than cell phones and computers. That’s just my opinion and like I said I’m a Dying breed, , peace and love Laurelin 

Movies vs books

In the past movies represented books. Have you ever read Gone With the Wind? Or Dances With Wolves? The books are pretty much the movie. Shakespearean movies like Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet same thing very similar. Now let’s look up on today’s books vs movies. Have you ever read a wonderful book called The Giver? Now if you’ve seen the movie I’m sorry it’s an atrocity it is nothing like the book. Have you read the series The Maze Runner? Seeing things the book the movies are an atrocity nothing like the books have you read the series The Hunger Games? The movies on atrocity nothing like the books. When did we start teaching our children that the movies are the same thing as reading a book? Are we not setting a bad standard for the Youth of America? Employe everyone to read the book before you see the movie. It is simply a disgrace what entertainment has become. What’s used to be entertainment. Now this has become a bad version of a movie script. Don’t buy into it my friends read books knowledge is power. Peace and love Laurelin 


Em&Em, Ice Cube you’d melt in my hand.

I would rhythmically attack you smack you bring you to understand

I can’t spit as fast as I used to but give me time

I have a sign that stem cells will bring back my rhyme give me time and the world will be mine

I used to be lickity split before I got sick

I was so fast I could prick like a tick. Attached to you and send you a trick of just how fast this white girl can stick

I get them all back  when stem cells are through. I’ll be the fastest white girl you ever knew

To take them all on  and when I am done, you know who the best is my son.I’m a b bb as you can see born beatboxer don’t fuck with me.