Movies vs books

In the past movies represented books. Have you ever read Gone With the Wind? Or Dances With Wolves? The books are pretty much the movie. Shakespearean movies like Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet same thing very similar. Now let’s look up on today’s books vs movies. Have you ever read a wonderful book called The Giver? Now if you’ve seen the movie I’m sorry it’s an atrocity it is nothing like the book. Have you read the series The Maze Runner? Seeing things the book the movies are an atrocity nothing like the books have you read the series The Hunger Games? The movies on atrocity nothing like the books. When did we start teaching our children that the movies are the same thing as reading a book? Are we not setting a bad standard for the Youth of America? Employe everyone to read the book before you see the movie. It is simply a disgrace what entertainment has become. What’s used to be entertainment. Now this has become a bad version of a movie script. Don’t buy into it my friends read books knowledge is power. Peace and love Laurelin 

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