The three questions

There are three questions in life that everyone has asked themselves throughout their life. If not once, many more times then that.

1. Is there a God? The answer of course is different for everyone. Yes I believe in a higher power. I choose to refer to this higher power as God. But I view  God and nature as the same thing. Some people are agnostic. Say neither deny or believe in a higher power. Some people are atheist. They do not believe there is a God at all. It is interesting that there has been a scientific study in which where they had people think about God and the people that believed in God ,activated a part of the frontal lobe that otherwise is never activated. The agnostics activated it a little bit but not as much as the Believers. Atheist ,when their brain was studied thinking about God, the frontal lobe did not activate at all. I find this very interesting. However, when it comes down to it all I care is if you’re a good person or a bad person. Isn’t that what matters?

2. The second question is how we got here and why we are here? This of course involves creationism. Were we created by a higher power? Where we created by Nature? Personally for me, I see no difference in God or nature, so I believe in evolution and that God created Evolution. however, if you believe it’s just a coincidence we are here and the Big Bang is nothing more than a coincidence then that is ok to. All that matters is that you are a good person or a bad person. Isn’t that all that matters? And as far as why we are here. No one knows. Perhaps we are here just out of a coincidence. Perhaps we are here to learn something and come back in another life to learn again. Perhaps we are here to better the world. Perhaps we are to be evil and , perhaps we are here to make Humanity better. Either way, isn’t all that matters whether you’re a good or a bad person?

3. Question 3. What happens to us after we die. Some of us believe we go to heaven. Some of us believe we are energy. and we will return our energy into something else that will grow from the soil from our ashes as we decay. Whatever you believe, isn’t all that matters that you’re either a good person or a bad person in this life?

My point being that it doesn’t matter. We will always be thinking of these three questions. That is what makes us human. Our curiosity. And it is also our curiosity that has made us so great. It is the evil in the world that we have to watch out for. That we have to protect each other from. All of the other $0.09 of these three questions don’t matter in life. So stop worrying about them so much. What matters in life is to pass it on. To help each other. To remember we are all sisters and brothers. Humanity does not have a color. Humanity does not have a religion. Be kind to each other and learn to live in peace and harmony. No matter what someone believes, remember they are part of your Human family. Stop worrying about these three questions. We will all get the answer soon enough; when we are ashes to ashes, dust to Stardust.

Peace and love Laurelin 

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