Post hsct stem cells 1 and 1/2 years

Many people have a misconception about stem cells. They think that you are going to walk off the plane and be walking. I can now walk with a walker because of stem cells but unfortunately the reality is I will probably never walk on my own again. This does not mean that stem cells have not worked. I continue to be much stronger. I can continue to move my right leg. My right leg had become totally useless and paralyzed. Yes I still use a commode. But I never need help from my husband getting on or off of it or in or out of that. This is a huge success. My multiple sclerosis will never go away. What stem cells have done is stopped the progression of my disease. When I was 18 years old I was told by doctors that I would probably live to around 50. Anything after that would be a blessing. Because of stem cells I now look forward to watching my daughter grow up. I now look forward to living a full life with my husband. Yes I will always be handicap. But knowing that you possibly have another 30-plus years and you is amazing. So they say that you do not see the full results of your transplant for 3 years. So at the halfway mark I am at peace and happy with my success. Anything else is just icing on the cake. Stem cells probably will not do too much more in the way of reversing the damage multiple sclerosis has caused. However it has given me life. I look forward to living a long life with my family. A life that I in no way we would have had without stem cells. To you and to all my followers and readers out there. Remember that there is always hope in the world. Never lose Faith In Yourself faith in a higher power and faith that things can get better and any Endeavor you are trying to achieve. Peace and love to all of you my friends

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