10 months post hsct transplant for multiple sclerosis.

My doctor in Mexico said that I would start to really noticed results at about 10 months. He was correct. I am no longer sick every day as my immune system has greatly grown in strength. But every day now I wake up with more strength. Every day I can do something I couldn’t do the day before. My bowls and my bladder work now. Only on occasion do I have difficulty. I have enough strength that I can stand on my own. I can always get in and out of bed and in and out of chairs. My entire life has gotten better. Once I have all my vaccines in December I will be more comfortable going out and about. I have be gone to explore promoting my poetry around my area. I plan on holding an EDM event for my stem cells in May. Life is looking brighter and brighter every moment. And I am not taking it for granted. And I am so grateful. I am I so keeping up with the Spanish skills that I incurred in Mexico. Absolutely walk right now if I had balance. Unfortunately the lack of balance I have is due to the inner ear which is nothing that stem cells can fix. However you can grow new neural Pathways. And that’s what I have to do is just wait for new neural Pathways to grow. And I have no doubt that they will. Stem cells have absolutely been a success. Please anyone that has a disease that can be treated by stem cells please seek out this method. Don’t let the pharmaceutical companies control your life anymore. I’m so grateful and I am so blessed to tell you today that I am getting stronger and better. I wish good health to you all..

Peace and love  Laurelin🌻

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