Stem  Cell update

  • My new immune system is know about a month and a week old. First multiple sclerosis system came back in full force. Returning to the cold climate away from the equator made my symptoms extremely bad. It is to be expected that things would get worse before they got better. I am not completely bald but my hair is starting to grow back. I heard for many people the first things they noticed was that their bladder and bowels got better. And I am happy to report that mine slowly are. My bladder often works on its own and for the first time yesterday I had a bowel movement on my own! This may seem like no big deal to you. But to me it was wonderful. I honestly forgot what it felt like to have a normal one and they didn’t understand what my body was feeling until I realized I had gone! Before when I was in the hospital the doctors couldn’t even feel my bowels moving. Now if I can feel them moving and it is so weird. You are used to this sensation and I am not. I finally understand why people like to take a shit. It is still in up and down roller coaster though. I have days where I had a lot of strength and can clean. And then I have days where I can’t do anything but lie around and watch TV. But I do know stem cells are working. And I know in a few years I will be walking with a cane know it. So to all of those who donated to get me to Mexico let me just tell you it was a success it was worth it! Now I just have to find a way to get my last five IV injections. I have gone back to my old neurologist in Pennsylvania. He has known me for about 15 years and I have a feeling he will approve it and I will be able to get it in this country. But if for any reason that I cannot I am going to go back to Mexico to get it. I am not going to let stem cells take too much time because I didn’t get Five Silly IVs. I thought my gluten allergy had gone away because I ate flour in Mexico and was fine. When I returned to America I found that some things I could eat and other things made from flower caused me problems. So the people in Mexico were correct. In this country some, corporations and additives to their flour. Is it the additives that cause me problems. Not actually the wheat itself I only tell you this because I know many people in America think they have a gluten allergy. I know some people have celiacs disease and then is different. If you like me just have a sensitivity to American wheat flour this might be the same problem I have. Sorry I’m doing well and I am just still waiting my stem cells to grow. And find out about getting those five IVs I need. And I’m awaiting my hair to grow back. It is awfully cold in New York without hair. Take care and thank you for getting me as far as I have gotten.
  • Peace and love Laurelin 

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