Most important day in stem cells in Mexico

Today I find out what my blood my white blood cell count is. If it is going up to 4,000 I am no longer in the neuropedic stage. Which means I can eat normal food. Because the food they gave me is like space food, it comes and these weird plastic containers and you heat them up with water ,and they taste like sawdust. It also means that I can go out in public as long as I wear a mask. I am so sick of sitting in this apartment ,you wouldn’t believe it. Thought I Loved Netflix, until it was all I had to watch. So last night when I went to bed I mentally thought about my white blood cells dividing and creating more white blood cells, in hopes that I will have enough to go off the neuroPedic diet.It also means that I can get one of the six shots that I need throughout the year to help my bone marrow. Which will help my stem cells to grow faster. Right now my multiple sclerosis is about at Baseline. So that means I can walk with a walker short distances. I am very nervous about today’s meeting and I am really hoping that my white blood cell count has gone up enough. This has been an amazing experience and it is my last chance at really helping my multiple sclerosis to get better. Stem cells should be legal in America for so many illnesses. We need to get away from the pharmaceutical companies. And now that we’re going to have mr. Trump in office it’s only going to get worse. He is not in any way supportive of science I am sure. He is more concerned with business and money. Hillary Clinton should be the president anyway she got more votes. And the only reason that mr. Trump even got elected it is because of Russia. He better be careful or he is going to start another cold war between the people of America and the people of Russia. If he thinks in any way that he is going to bring us together by his business tactics he is wrong. We are stronger and wiser than that. Let us all hope that this doesn’t happen but right now I cannot think about what is going on in the United States of America. For right now I have to worry about myself. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed that today will be a good day and my white blood cell count will be up. I really miss my daughter and my home and my cats. Even though I’m not allowed to touch the cats. I will need a caregiver for a few months, as my white blood cells grow and my multiple sclerosis may actually be worse for a few months. But that is to be expected. I just can’t wait to be in take a shit on my own. Such little things in life we take for granted. I hold my stem cells start to work quickly but it’s different for everyone. I may not see any definitive good results for a year. But some people have seen results as early as 3 weeks to 3 months. It is possible that because of chemo I may go into early menopause. Which I’m truly hoping and praying does not happen. All these things we take for granted. But I know  everything is out of my control and it is in the higher Powers control. Let’s just hope that he or she or it likes me. I’ll post my results in the blood maybe today or tomorrow. Wish me luck my Humanity friends!

Peace and love Laurelin

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