Is blood thicker than water?

  1. I have many blood relatives that mean more to me than anything. I have water relatives that mean more to me than anything. Sometimes I wonder which is which and which is more important. Honestly, I do not know. I am part of the O’Brien family. I am part of the Walker family. I am part of the Bacorn family. I belong to the Herz Family .  I belonged to the Stephens Family. I feel like at times, I like one family more than the other. But I know in my heart I love them all equally. Sometimes I do wonder what it would be like to not be from a broken home. But then I think if I wasn’t from a broken home I wouldn’t have all these wonderful families in my life. It is a difficult subject for me as you never want to piss off anyone in your family. But when you come from five different families this question of blood versus water is impossible to answer. You can’t help but Wonder. But then you feel terrible for even wondering. After I get stem cells I plan on writing a memoir. Mostly about my life with multiple sclerosis.I have had symptoms of multiple sclerosis as early as the shots I was given as a baby. I realized when you write a memoir you must give a little bit of a backstory. However, I worry so much that I will piss off someone from one of my family. But I will be honest to the extent of what I remember and try not to piss anyone off. For me, I guess the only answer is blood and water does not make a difference. It is who you are that makes a difference. It is the lives you touched and the lives that have touched you. I cannot pick a side. I hear so often that blood is thicker than water, and I honestly believe it’s kind of bullshit. I guess I will let you decide for yourself when you read my memoir. But I have a feeling you’ll come to the same conclusion as I have.

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