Someone is always watching

  • I just heard a song that made me think of my old boyfriend. In the middle of the night I go walking in my sleep to the valley of Truth to the river so deep.  is a song by Billy Joel. You know how when you’re young everyone has a song? That was our  song. He is now in politics and I hear he’s doing quite well. I have searched for his entire family on Facebook and I cannot find one. Because he is a political figure I am giving his name James Christopher rieth. I hope you Google my name and see this I need your help. I know you have money and your Family are  very  and wonderful Christians. Multiple sclerosis has gotten terrible. I cannot Eat with utensils and I need a caregiver. I know have the option to go out of the country for stem cells which would  save my life I hope you find this blog and you have it in your heart to help me. I know you are a good person I love seeing your wedding pictures and they are beautiful congratulations. Please help an old girlfriend and Friend by donating to Type  In my name and you will see my write-up about myself and my family. I hope this reaches you Chris God bless and take care
  •  my mom and husband were upset by  this post so I took it down from Facebook
  • I would never speak ill of anyone and I did notHowever this is my blog. And as long as I’m always showing kindness towards others I’m going to write what I want. For it is staying on my domain and I’m not removing it.
  • My thoughts and opinions are mine alone as long as they better  Humanity
  • Even when that human is me!

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