social media, faacebook & the great world connection

As the tittle reads; the internet has made it so everyone is connected. But is this a reality worth it? Recently I called all my old “close” friends; two answered. Some answered texts; on face book they often unfriend me. No ‘why’,No anything but with one click, I cease to exist in their world, On facebook I have hundreds of friends. If I post something they don’t like; they don’t explain; they start a facebook war.Opinions ranting, not fact based.I do not feel connected but hurt. I’ve been cyber bullied by a close old friend with no explanation except a “blocked” click of the computer mouse. And social media is so wonderful. Yes, it is in some ways. But is it worth all the pain, heart ache, paranoia, spying, fear it can create? I don’ t know anymore. However, being ‘unfriended’ this morning really hurt. So I took a Xanax. It’s kicking in. So I will ignore it and read a book. Books are safe. On the internet I am in a “little box”. Read my poem “little boxes” and you’ll understand and I bet you will go read a book too.

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