Bad shit happens to me in the luckiest way

I broke a bone in my leg. But if you’re going to break a bone in your leg, I broke the best one, the fibula. The little bone behind your knee. It hurts like a mother fucker. But I’ll survive. I’m probably get very dirty. But I’ll survive. I have multiple sclerosis. It sucks. It’s pretty bad. I was diagnosed on my 18th birthday, luckily I have always had an awesome support team. And now my husband is the best. Feeds me. Gives me medicine. Water. Life. Bad shit happens to me in the luckiest way!

So I lie here disabled not only with multiple sclerosis but a broken leg, and I have my husband here to help me, working from home. My husband said I’m just unlucky. I got herpes in sixth grade from my best friend, and it went dormant for years. At age 38, I had a g I bleed. Somewheres they don’t know where in my body. I bled out, did not have enough blood for my heart to pump, and Bam! Blood transfusions, life support for 6 days, woke up. You know that herpes that I got in sixth grade, it woke up also. It was munching on my brain. Had a day where I spoke gibberish, they thought again I was not right. Alive now, but not right

. Well wouldn’t you know it, my brain just needed to reboot and I needed to go home, not being a nursing home or a hospital but home. And my brain rebooted! But I’m still with disabled, with multiple sclerosis, can’t walk, feed myself, bathe myself, w r i t e, but I have help. I have a 12-year-old daughter. She has never seen me walk. I became very ill when she was a baby. But at least I had her, I was not supposed to have children. She is a miracle and I feel so terrible I could not bake cookies with her, or do the things other mothers can do. Because bad shit happens to me in the luckiest way.

I am so lucky to have a daughter. Lucky to have a family. Lucky to be alive! So all this crazy bad shit keeps happening to me. But I am such a lucky girl. And it could always be worse. But yes bad shit happens to me everyday. In the luckiest way!

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