Merry Christmas

This is my Christmas blog. Be kind to each other please and Merry Christmas!

Christmas time usually always makes me think about God and Jesus. When I was a kid I would pray really hard on Christmas for Santa to bring me good presents. And happy birthday to Jesus. Only to learn later that he was born not in the winter time.

I remember thinking everyone is nice on Christmas, and goes back to being an asshole the next day. Christmas is this one special day. Then you grow up get married have your own children.

And it’s beautiful. It’s cyclic. It’s a nice way to bring in the solstice. Light is coming back! And it is glorious.

So on this Christmas Day I am thinking about light! Where did this glorious thing come from? The Big Bang just does not make sense to me. So I dug a little further into it.

Turns out that many now believe that our universe is inside a giant black hole. And this would explain how our universe is in constant expansion. It’s a big damn black hole . For the black hole is always sucking in other universes. And this big black hole has to be inside one big damn universe. It goes on and on. It hurts my brain.

So it makes sense in this consideration that there is no such thing as a singular big bang. And we are all just mere mortals with me in this complex experience we call life. Always thinking. Even on Christmas 🎄

Peace and love, l a u r e l i n


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