the red Care Bear

The red Care Bear felt so alone.

He couldn’t reach anyone on the phone

he wants to talk to Green Bear all day

But then Green Bear had nothing to say.

it seems green bear had painted himself blue.

so red bear didn’t know what to do

So he started hanging out with orange bear.

They have lots of fun, it was Quite an affair!

at night they went to bed, on the toy shelf.

In the morning, orange bear wasn’t quite himself.

he kept holding his breath, red bear didn’t know what to do!

He held it so long, that he also turned blue.

One by one, all the Care Bears in the toy box turned blue.

Red bear was alone. Felt divided. How could this be true!?

I am red and alone, he said with a sigh.

He had an idea. He bought all the Bears tie-dye!

We all could learn something from these Bears, you know.

Stop dividing ourselves. Let’s be a rainbow!

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