My cardiac arrest when I was 38, left me many things to contemplate. I died for 10 minutes but it could have been forever. But my words live on here no matter what you weather and if I had not woken from life support, my words would still be here. That means my name is eternal. My poetry lives on. A friend told me today, that as long as someone remembers your name, you are still alive. So I hope that my name will be remembered. Is not that the real reason we all right here? Because a piece of you hopes to be remembered? Of course, some of us hope to get published. Some of us are making money off our blog. Every year I wonder if I should keep paying my dues to own my domain. But I don’t want anyone else to own my name. It is mine. And it comforts me to know when this Mortal coil is gone, that my name lives on. It is always forever up there in the cloud. We are immortal.

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