A winter affair

it is truly a winter affair!

It is cold and icy out there

Come inside, don’t be late!

For it is time to hibernate.

We wait for Saint Nick to arrive.

World is frozen, yet, we are alive.

Much too cold for anger or fear.

For it is the best time of year!

Everyone is Kinder. Everyone is nice.

We hope, Donald Trump doesn’t win twice.

At Christmas time, we simply don’t care,

Whom is in office, it’s a winter affair!

Random acts of kindness, are everywhere.

We don’t see status, or skin color. Your gender we don’t care,

Black Friday is over, we still shop for toys.

Even for those on the naughty list, making too much noise.

It’s that time of year when we just love each other.

Everyone becomes your sister or brother.

Why can’t we be like this the rest of the year?

no hate. No war. No reason for tear.

Everyday, I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I want every day to be Christmas Eve!

when it’s spring, and you start to feel locked in a cage,

Don’t hate on your neighbor. Stop getting road rage!

Remember the happiness you feel right now.

Pass it on, I will tell you how…

No matter the season, or position of the sun,

God bless us, everyone!

no matter the season, remember to care,

Make every day a winter affair!

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone.

I love you, no matter where you put the Sun.

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