8 months post stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis.


On August 17th it will be my eight month post  hsct transplant for multiple sclerosis. I have had ups and downs exactly like they told me I would. For the first 6 months I was Ill with every kind of bug throat neck ears eyes whatever illness you can have for a while. My Punctuation is bad because I cannot type nor can Iedit it because I shake. I can however completely stand on my own straight up! And my body feels so good standing upright. However I cannot move from there. I have absolutely no balance. And although balance is in the ear and not the brain I may be able to build new neural Pathways now from my brain to my ear to give me balance. My bladder and bowels do finally work. People don’t appreciate a good shit. Whoever when I have to go it’s like the commercial. Got to go Gotta Go Gotta Go right now got to go got to go got to go. I know the stem cell stock and are working because I have seen success like this. And my husband has only perhaps had to put me to bed under 10 times since I’ve been home from Mexico. So it is working. And yeah they say I’ll be lucky to walk with a cane. Blah blah blah I have heard it all before. They said I’d be wheelchair-bound by 30 and I was in a wheelchair and using a walker till 37. They said multiple sclerosis will kill me and now there’s no way in hell it well. To put it mildly now that I have stem cells I do not need the force. I don’t need the force with me. I am the force. My new white blood cells are the source. So other than that I can’t report much sometimes I walk really good with a walker sometimes I need the wheelchair. I have gone to a few EDM parties and seen my old friends and DJs. And have gotten germs every time but every time I get sick it’s one more antibody down. They say to really look for results in one year so I’m looking forward to one year but I look forward to every day. I still every 2 months get steroids and retox until February. But it’s okay to be a little crazy on steroids for a few months if it’s helping my stem cells grow. So all I can say and closing is anyone with multiple sclerosis has the ability to seek out stem cells Clinic Louise and Mexico.

One thought on “8 months post stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis.

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have been battling MS for 16 years and it seems like an up hill battle. I started my blog a little over a month ago and it has been a great experience. Being able to connect with others that understand me is wonderful. Take care and stay strong!!


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