Be who you are

No matter who you are. Be that person. If you don’t like raw fish. Do not eat sushi. If you do not like a person. Don’t pretend to be their friend. In this poetic Journey we will it explain why a person should be who they are.

This is me. No makeup no clothes but yes that is my real hair

This is also me. With no hair but a wig and makeup on.

This is also me. Wearing Sparkles and being silly with no hair.

This is also me. With no hair wearing a hat. But I promise you I am who I am and that is that!

One thought on “Be who you are

  1. I love your message. Only by being yourself can you truly be happy. I will never fake who I am, people shouldn’t either. People feel weak, insecure and they try to be someone they are not. I say adore your insecurities and lift up your chin. Show them who you truly are.

    I’m new here, if it’s okay with you would you like to take a look at my blog? I feel lonely haha.

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