How do I look 

I became truly disabled by the time I was 20. I was prescribed a cane and got a handicapped parking permit. People would be cruel to me because I am an attractive girl ,and they would see me and think I had stolen someone’s handicap parking permit. You cannot tell someone is disabled just by looking at them.

I was walking with a walker when the above picture was taken when I was 33

I was twenty-seven when the above picture was taken. I walked with a cane.

I was 36 years old when the above picture was taken in Mexico. I was permanently in a wheelchair. Three weeks later my hair fell out from chemotherapy.

Three weeks later I lost all my hair, and I look  like the above picture. In all of these pictures I am a permanently disabled American citizen. But the way you look ,is the way people see you. People don’t even think about who you are on the inside. Do not let this bother you, friends. We can not help, as human beings ,to see the outer shell first. Every time you see this outer shell ,remember that the enercell may not be so pretty. May not be so healthy. May not be so cruel. Always send a smile and a happy face to any stranger. For we are all brothers and sisters. As a true humanitarian I will always assume that your inner self is kind. Until you prove me otherwise then you can go fuck yourself. I have learned in life that you cannot depend on that outer shell. It doesn’t mean anything.

Peace and love Laurelin 

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