Anonymous meetings be long and groups not in social media

You must be careful on social media. If they are not people that you know personally 50% of them are close to that  are liars. Anyone ever seen the show Catfish? I have been tried to be catfished I think four or five times. Although I am not a teenager so I know I’m being catfished and I fuck with them for a little while before I tell them I know you’re catfish. Depending on what I look like in my profile picture I also have had three people from Nigeria try to get money from me. They always have terrible English and call you dearie or sweetie or lovely. One guy told me he lived in Italy but was from Dallas Texas. I told them your English is terrible you don’t sound like someone from America and if you live in Italy right now say something in Italian. He did not respond for a day. After this silly back and forth when I’m for about 2 days I finally told him I know you speak Tanzania and I know you are from Nigeria I am not stupid I looked at your profile picture and saw all your friends were from Tanzania or Nigeria. He then admitted that he was a refugee and needed help getting out of where he lived for a better life. Now I’m all for people wanting a better life but you don’t scam other people to get there. I’ve told him make a Facebook fund me page maybe you’d raise money that way. She told him you obviously have Facebook why don’t you sell your phone or your computer. Or better yet why don’t you just get a job. He is still have the guts to ask where I live and if he could crash at my house. You gotta be kidding me? I said to him I did not block him though I simply called him on his bluff and told him to never contact me again and he never did. Now this has happened to me this many times just with my simple profile on Facebook imagine how many predators are on those anonymous groups seeking out people with low self-esteem that they can take advantage of. Just be careful my friends

Peace and love Laurelin 

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