AA meetings belongs in meetings not on social media

There are many groups now on Facebook and other social media. These groups are all meant to be just discussion and to help other people. We got Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. We go Overeaters Anonymous meetings. We got sex addict Anonymous meetings. I hate to tell you all that if you’re on Facebook you have no anonymity. For one,  it displays your last name. For two ,you don’t really know who you are talking to. There are  preditors on  those sites looking for easy targets. People go on those discussion panels purposely just to start fights. I have noticed half the time they are people that aren’t even sober at all. Yeah they keep talking about how they need to get past step one. You need to go to a meeting. Don’t tell me you can’t find a way. I got rides from so many different people when I first joined anonymous group.I Did not join anonymous groups  on social media. You can join discussion groups about it on social media but be wary half the people on there are not who they say they are. The best way to check is to Simply look at their profile. I always do and you can learn a lot just by a person’s profile. One man who kept arguing with me about sobriety and claiming to be more sober than I, always picks a fight with me. And I’m just going to say that he is always wrong. So I checked out his profile and he is indeed a very well-educated well-read extremely good job he retired from here…but here  is the kicker, he has over 4,000 friends and he’s supposedly a 62 year old man. Do you have over 5000 friends? I am very leery of people like this. I belong to a secret group that is just ladies who discuss and talk about their problems and try to help each other. This group is absolutely wonderful. It was invented by women on Facebook. I have heard people say in my other discussion group that people should go to a meeting online and that Facebook has them. Never do this!our  first tradition states that you will not speak for this group or advertise it in the media, radio, or television. No these Traditions were made before social media definition isn’t social media media? I think I might leave this discussion group because it is full of negativity and upsets me. And you will know I do not believe in letting negativity into my life. And you should not either. Facebook is awesome. I have friends all over the world because of my blog and Facebook. But we must be careful. If we are not careful how can we expect our children to be careful? I just think if you really need help, you need to seek out real life human beings for help. Because unless you know the person personally they are not real human beings. You don’t know their real age. You don’t know if they want something from you. You don’t even know if they have a drinking or eating or sex problem! Everyone just be careful and if something is terribly upsetting you as I got upset this morning you know the best thing to do? Get off Facebook for a little while. If you have to, leave the group. If you absolutely must block someone, block them. And certainly don’t trust a man who claims to be 62 with over 4,000 friends on Facebook. Can you say creepy?

Peace and love Laurelin 

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