Stem cell update at 3 months

My immune system is now 2 months old. I am still too young to have my vaccines like my measles-mumps-rubella and chickenpox. I am however noticing a lot of increased strength. Although it is difficult to tell because I perpetually have a cold. Like most two months old I am always sick. I have to go back all the antibodies I have grown up to have in my system in the past 36 years. Right now I have runny eyes, runny nose, ears that pop, but no fever. They said all that matters is that you don’t get a fever. My bladder is working pretty good. My bowels still are not working properly but I’m still hoping it’s only been 2 months. I have to be patient. My hair has started to grow back. But I usually wear a wig or a hat. My doctor ordered a new medication that is supposed to relieve bowel problems for people that take opiates. It did not work. So unfortunately my bowel problems are multiple sclerosis. And not related to the opiates I take for pain. Otherwise I’m in good spirits as I just still wait for my immune system to grow. I am past due on getting my retax infusion. I really need it right now. My husband does not find a way to get it in New York by the end of the week I am going back to Mexico. So that’s my update I hope you all stay healthy and happy. Stem cells are working as they grow but I do need to get those five more infusions. I believe the company is going to pay for it as long as Pennsylvania will accept that as payment and give me the infusions. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me that they will.

Peace and love 

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