Super Bowl money

I was talking to a friend Facebook about how advertisements for the Super Bowl are now 4.5 million dollars for 30 seconds of an ad. In comparison the Superbowl in 2000 ads only cost to million dollars. We were talking about how better that money could be spent. And it got me thinking. The Super Bowl really does not need that much money. So I have a humanitarian idea. What if the Superbowl Did still charge 4.5 million dollars for an advertisement. However what is the only took 1 million or two million dollars and required the rest of the money for the company to give to help the people in America who need help. Maybe donate to shelters. Maybe donate to rehab. Maybe donate to shelters that protect women that are beat by their man there, there  are so many things that we could do with that money to help the United States of America. I know the Super Bowl is America’s favorite day. And they’ll know we all look forward to the advertisement. But what if the people who run the Super Bowl had a heart and did something like this. I think this is a great idea. We’d not only get the entertainment of the Super Bowl and the special ads but we also get to know that America has been helped by those advertisements. I know it takes a lot of money to run the Super Bowl. But they get a lot of money for Super Bowl tickets. And they get a ridiculous amount of money for their advertisements. We always talk about how to better America .we always try to have Americans donate do something like veterans ,or children’s hospitals ,or Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, maybe it’s time for the rich to stop getting richer and to think about the country they live in. Imagine the children and the homeless and the people that we could help. I know that this is a pipe dream but a pipe dream can spread if other people start sharing it. I am not complaining of the hundreds of thousands of dollars the athletes get paid for because they are an inspiration to children and adults. But I really think 4.5 million dollars is a lot of money for an advertisement. If they used only  a couple million dollars why can’t we do something with half the money? I am always trying to think of ways to better . Humanity. And this one hits close to home because this one would help the United States of America. We could even donate money to help find the group Isis. , the list goes on and on. That is too much money to be going into the hands of some rich guy that doesn’t need it anyways. 4.5 million dollars. I can’t even Envision that much money. And we could help so many people with just half that amount.

Peace and love Laurelin  

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