Chemotherapy fog

May cognition is really bad it’s gotten much worse since I had chemotherapy. I keep asking my husband to buy me a universal remote and then I keep losing it or replacing it. I’d like to think that there’s a ghost are really nice spirit who is playing a trick on me but I know it’s just my brain. All of my multiple sclerosis mental symptoms have gotten worse since I came home. But no worries this is to be expected. And when the chemo fog all leaves, I should have better cognition. However in the meantime, my husband keeps hearing where did I put this ,where is this, where is this ,who is this ,who is that? it must be awfully annoying to people. On the bright side my hair is starting to grow back in. I never lost those damn eyebrows LOL. God bless being a Carpathian because not losing all of your hair is very rare and that is the only place I didn’t lose it. So anyways that’s my update for the day. Have any of you seen my television remote? I think my cognition is much worse. I guess I will go ask my husband. By the way have you seen my remote?

Check out those eyebrows that neverleft! 


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