The most important day of stem cells in Mexico ended up being a depression

So I was the only one  in my group  with white blood cells too low to get the shot I needed .  So I have to do more blood work tomorrow and hopefully, I will have enough white blood cells in order to get the shot  ,and then recover and go home .  It was a pretty depressing day . I am still neutropenic  so I still can’t eat anything yummy .  Just the crap they gave me that’s like space food .  Not very happy about that  but what are you going to do all you can do is Keep On Truckin and hope for the best the next day .  So to  try to cheer myself up  I bought stuff 

 it did not work at all I just ended up spending pesos and having stuff

But I looked pretty cute don’t you think? I would show you the other thing I bought but my husband says I cannot show that picture to anyone online LOL. Anyways, I will hope for a better tomorrow and in the meantime ;my multiple sclerosis is still pretty rough my right leg isn’t really movable. But what are you going to do? You Just Gotta Keep On Truckin.

Peace and love Laurelin 

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