Stem cells in Mexico for multiple sclerosis Christmas Eve

So you might say I’m getting a little bored. I’ve been quarantined now for about a week. And they have to be quarantined in this damn apartment for another week. The hematologist says everything is going great. But I basically feel exactly the same. The one good thing is I was able to eat with a spoon both today and yesterday. I have not been able to use utensils for a year. Then you say you don’t see signs of improvement for 9 to 10 months. According to everyone else I should have started losing my hair today. But I have not lost any hair yet. It might fall out when I get home or I might be one of the lucky 10% that keeps my hair and the stem cells start helping and growing quickly. I do think this is going to be a miracle for me. I do think this was the best option for me the only option for me. There was nothing left for me to try. Tomorrow is Christmas day and I am missing my daughter like crazy.

We are very close to the equator here in Puebla Mexico

  • So there is no heat or air conditioning as we don’t need it here. As you can see from the picture below it is quite cold in New York state and quite snowy. The cold bothers my multiple sclerosis but I want to see my child so badly I don’t care. They have a pyramid here that is bigger than the pyramids in Giza because there is a church on top of the pyramid they are not allowed to dig  under the pyramid to see just how tall is. There is also a volcano here that is dormant but it releases  out steam constantly. You still live in Hawaii so it is no big deal to me I have seen many volcanoes. I really just want to go home and see if this procedure will work. I have faith that it will. And the doctor seems to think that I’m doing extremely well. Tis the season to be with family and I’m all alone except for my husband who was out and about right now. I am trying not to be depressed as I know this is a miracle. I never thought I would miss New York so much.

 Peace and love Laurelin 

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