Stem cells in Mexico day I don’t know

Finally feel up to writing a Blog

Chemo has put me in a fog.

It’s like I’m here but I’m over there.

10 more days till I lose my hair.

Have  strength back so I really don’t care.

I really don’t care if people stare.

People ignore you when you have multiple sclerosis.

They have no idea of my medicine doses.

At least maybe now people will look at me.

Cuz before it’s unpleasant for them and they just don’t want to see

I just want to feel normal and play with my kid

Bake cookies with her like my mother did.

Stem cells soon and a new life will begin.

In America fundamentalist think it’s a sin

In Mexico I am treated like a human being

They look right at me and it’s me they are  seeing

I will return better and strong

Maybe I’ll even write a song.

Healthy is where I belong

All you fundamentalists are fucking wrong

This is like a giant terrible test

But wait until you see my success

I’m young I still have things to do

Take care of me and I’ll take care of you

This is what it’s all about

Love each other and say it with a shout !

Love is what it’s all about in Mexico

I hope the new president gets it you know?

Love to you all and take care

Soon I’ll be home with love to share

Peace and love Laurelin 

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