My ex boyfriend Chris

The last time I brought up my ex boyfriend James Christopher.Rieth I was very surprised as to how many visitors my blog had. I have many pictures of us together and on vacation but I’m not going to post them. This is mostly an experiment to see if I am correct. He and his family has long since blocked me from Facebook. However it is the Modern Age and I have my ways and I’ve seen his Facebook, wedding pictures, and I know he lives in Washington DC. Someone tried to contact me on Facebook the exact same day I wrote The Post. Unfortunately,friends are only allowed to Write answers or message me on Facebook so I have since changed it to public. I am curious if it had anything to do with each other. And I wonder if maybe he is trying to run for office or something. If he is you should know Christopher that I am not the kinda girl to kiss and tell. I’m just curious why that day of all day I had so many visitors. It is strange because I am a simple bloger and I do not have a lot of followers. If anyone  was out there in the world could explain this to me please message me on WordPress or Facebook and explain who you are and what you wanted. By the way, I got all my money to go to Mexico so I don’t need you rieth family anyway. Humanity has taken care of me as I knew they would and I thank  you Humanity. Anyways it has me perplexed please message me or WordPress message me who you are and what you were trying to contact me. No I do not want anything to do with you Christopher. No I do not wish to expose you for exposing you would be exposing myself and that would be silly. I am just perplexed. Important thing is  that I raised the money and Humanity did it and humanity is awesome. Never doubt how much love is it in the hearts of others cuz I never will again. Thank you thank you thank you and bless you peace and love Laurelin 

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