.Stress less

There is no trending issues I have to speak of; but trending itself. I rarely go on facebook.  Mom and doctors orders ,   I  simply can not get stressed. My m.s. gets really bad for days after .So social media/news stresses me out.  I yelled  for the first time in months. The dumbest shit turns into a fight. I  try to keep smiling when your house  and things are a mess. Leaving more stress on everyone else. I’m trying to  be my  blood type B+. be  positive. I can not take anymore negativity.  I can’t  & I won’t. I don’t know how to help myself anymore. My soul is fine. My mind is fine. But this damn body is beyond broken. Any suggestions? There are none but miracles . Yeah, I can’t wait to watch my kid grow up; but I also can’t wait for death. Few more years,Saint Peter. Look forward to meeting  you. No pain. No stress. No nothing but joy. Hell,if I just end up fertilizing daffodils that would be pretty cool too.Try to live stress free. Because it truly might kill you. Peacenlove

L. O’Brien

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