Movies; past,present,future

Last night I went to see Back to the Future I II & III with my husband. Our love of the franchise brought us together. Earth Angel is our song. I’m always kissed when George kisses Lorraine on the dance floor.But it is more than that! I saw every movie with my father before my siblings existed. Of course they have seen them. But yesterday:October 21st 2015, was the day they went back in II! people in Marty hats in the theater. Applause every time. but it was surreal. it took me back to age 5 8 and age 10, MOVIE NIGHT WITH MY DAD. Memories worth a lifetime. These movies have given me more than entertainment. They made me see time in a whole different way.I cherish these moments in time and space.The memories. And I leave you with Huey Luis ” Take me away! I don’t mind; but you better promise me I’ll be BACK IN TIME.” PEACE N LOVE
L O’Brien

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