Laurelin f*#%ing O’Brien

I will never give up. Never surrender. So stem cells haven’t helped my disease,YET. There is a famous speech in The Hunger Games (movie version) about hope. That no matter what you do to people, as long as there is hope; they can rise up against anything. This is true. I lost my hope a few days ago. Reflected, meditated and concluded…my hope for a cure is lost. this thought was scary,and unlike me.. I am Laurelin fucking O’Brien!!! I never give up. Never surrender. Even when all I have on the chess board is my king. He will not tip over. Bring it on m.s.,nature,genes, God. You have messed with the wrong girl. Take my cognition. My grey matter. My IQ. So what I’m now average. I don’t trust those tests anyways. So my hope is back. STRONGER. Death can’t even defeat me. I’m a case study. So again, bring it on. I’ve already won. HOPE is there;and it’s deadly. I got this. I win.

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